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John believes his focus on being a DUI and criminal defense lawyer puts his clients at an advantage over the alternative of working with a generalist lawyer who divides his or her time between divorces, personal injury, and other law areas, as well as DUI and criminal cases. His continued focus on DUI and criminal defense, and ongoing efforts to deepen his skills, have made John a sought-after lecturer for other DUI and criminal defense lawyers and cases. His teaching and consulting skills are frequently requested in several states, as well as for local print media. He has been asked to consult for out-of-state cases for clients, including those charged with multiple priors and first-time offenses.

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    John W. Thurston
    Addair Thurston, Chtd

    Lawyer John W. Thurston is an experienced Northeast Kansas DUI defense lawyer who has successfully completed extensive training that puts him in a unique position to defend people in Kansas against DUI charges. John’s history as both a defense lawyer and former prosecutor, plus his commitment to education and ongoing improvement, makes a significant impact on his ability to effectively represent his clients. Training and accreditation includes:

    • Forensic Lawyer Scientist designation by the American Chemical Society (Chemistry and the Law Division). The requirements for this award include 160 hours of coursework including hands-on lab work, after which one must pass an extremely rigorous written exam.
    • Standardized Field Sobriety Test training developed by NHTSA. This is the DUI investigation training undergone by all Kansas law enforcement officers. John has completed this course multiple times, with actual Kansas Highway Patrol instructors.
    • Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor training. This is the course that police officers must complete if they want to become an academy-level instructor in DUI investigations.
    • Drug Recognition Expert training, also developed by NHTSA. This is the training undergone by officers needed to investigate whether or not a citizen is driving under the influence of drugs, legal or otherwise. Few police officers actually receive this training and even fewer lawyers do so.
    • Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI/DWI Cases – Certificate (awarded multiple times).
    • DNA for Lawyers I – hands-on DNA lab training at Boise State University.

    Several of the courses and certification programs John has completed are rare for a Kansas lawyer to have taken. When you work with him, you work with someone committed to ongoing education in a way that can make a big difference in how a case is handled and received. John’s early experience includes awards won during competitive mock trial teams while at law school, and these efforts have paid off throughout his career thus far, with an overwhelmingly positive track record.

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